Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Featured Rescue Updates - February

It's been a long time since I did a Featured Rescue update on this blog so I thought I would do one now! The following cats I listed on my blog have been adopted (or if their listing has been removed ... hopefully they have not been euthanized!):

Featured Rescue - Raine (young - adopted)
Featured Rescue - Gus (adult - listing removed)
Featured Rescue - Halo (adult approaching senior - listing removed)
Featured Rescue - Rosie (adolescent - listing removed)
Featured Rescue - Mickey (kitten - listing removed)
Featured Rescue - Gypsy (adult - listing removed)
Featured Rescue - Zombie (adult - listing removed)
Featured Rescue - Stormy (senior - listing removed)
Featured Rescue - Squeakers (senior - listing removed)
Featured Rescue - Sasha (senior - listing removed)
Featured Rescue - Peaches (young - listing removed)

Congratulations to those cats! (I hope) The following cats are still looking for new homes:

Featured Rescue - Hex (kitten)
Featured Rescue - Maude (adolescent)
Featured Rescue - Deuce ("young")
Featured Rescue - Teena Marie (senior)
Featured Rescue - Maggie (senior)
Featured Rescue - Cinders (senior)
Featured Rescue - Cookie (senior)
Featured Rescue - Sky and Myrt (adult)
Featured Rescue - Oliver (adult)
Featured Rescue - Jack Black (adult)

Remember, SPAY AND NEUTER your cats! There are so many out there looking for homes many are euthanized every day. There are just too many out there. The numbers are STAGGERING. Sometimes the rescues and shelters have to make that decision for those animals that are more difficult to adopt. When a listing has been removed I always hope that the animal has been adopted and not euthanized.


Anonymous said...

Rosie was indeed adopted! Finally!

Marg said...

We just have to be positive and think that they were all adopted. How do you find out they were removed from the list and where do you get your featured rescues from??? I would like to do a few every now and then. You never know when someone will see the blog and just have to have that animal.

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

You're right - you never know when someone is going to drop by your blog and see an animal they just have to adopt!

I find most of the featured rescues on Petfinder.com but some are from Petango. I go to the web site, pick an animal type and run a search. Then I peruse the animals listed until I find the one I want to feature.

I write an entry about the animal (which you have already seen) and link back to the petfinder or petango page that listed the animal. When you click directly on that link, it takes you to the animal's listing. Sometimes the ad hasn't changed. Sometimes the listing has been removed (and Petfinder/Petango says that it's been removed). And other times the rescue/shelter will update the page and list that the animal has been adopted. This doesn't happen often and most of the time it's not up for more than a month or two. It works nicely because if the adoption doesn't work out or falls through, the ad's already up there and all they have to do is update it rather than re-invent the wheel.

The more the merrier, I always say. The more animals being featured, the more likely they may be adopted?? I hope so.

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