Monday, November 16, 2009

Featured Rescue - Cookie

This lovely gal is hanging out with All About Animals Rescue in Eastpointe, MI. Her name is Cookie. If you take a few minutes and read their description of her, you will find that she seems to have very few vices - other than her age.

Older cats are nearly impossible to adopt out unless they are really pushed by rescue (or are in prominent cage locations in a shelter environment). Very few people ever go out of their way to adopt a senior cat. Most people want kittens or even young cats. The rescue I volunteer with told me once that after they hit 8 years old it's nearly impossible to adopt them out - even if they lower the adoption fee to $10!

I wonder if there is a common trend with the way people look at seniors? Senior cats. Senior dogs. Senior humans. Does anyone know if there has been a research study done on this? It would be really interesting to read ...

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Cynical Musings of a Military Wife said...

I don't know why people don't adopt senior cats. Maybe they don't want to get attached and then risk losing the cat.
I adopted mine as a baby cat, but that's because he was the only all black one in the shelter!
(I wanted a black cat...obviously, I'm not a believer in bad luck!)

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