Monday, November 9, 2009

Albert goes home

I wanted to share with you some good news. I received an email from a volunteer at the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter and she wanted us to know that Albert found a home.

On November 3, S. wrote "Albert found a Home today! Jumped right into the carrier! (Think he did it so they wouldn't change their minds! LOL)"

To read my post about Albert, check it out at Featured Rescue - Albert and Onyx. Onyx is still available so if you're interested in adding a lovely black cat to your home, consider Onyx!


Jaya said...

Congratulations to Albert and his new family!! May they live happily ever after together.

Whooves_In_Whoville said...

Thanks SO much for featuring sweet Albert!!
Onyx (same post) went into a foster/trial/possible forever home situation...PLEASE keep your finger's crossed for the pretty little miss.

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