Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Featured Clinic - Spay USA

Today's Featured Low-Cost Spay/Neuter clinic is a nationwide network and referral service for affordable spay/neuter services. This site will help you locate a Low-Cost Clinic in your geographical area. The Spay USA site has many different resources you can use in your own community to help spread the word.

Print off a copy of any of the following Spay USA pdf files and post it up around your town

Littermates can Litter
How Quickly Can Cats Multiply
Why Your Cat Should Be Spayed/Neutered

North Shore Animal League Intl.
14 Vanderventer Ave., Suite L-1
Port Washington, NY 10050

Call Spay/USA to get the names, phone numbers, and prices of services that have agreed to provide lower cost spay/neutering for cats and dogs in your local area. Private veterinarians, community programs, and special clinics participate nationwide.

If your area needs additional spay/neuter services, request Spay/USA's packet of materials to distribute to local vets and organizations.

You Can Make a Difference

Thursday, August 20, 2009

World's Best Cat Litter coupon

This is actually a partial crosspost as I originally was informed about this on the cat / dog log. World's Best Cat Litter is offering a promo right now because they just changed packaging on their litter.

I often have intact (SMELLY) cats recovering from neuter/spay surgeries and I love using this litter because it reduces the smell better than any other litter available. It's made from whole kernel corn that traps the ammonia odour well.

Also, the corn doesn't stick to the cats as badly as clay does. The ferals really love to curl up in their litter box (I would assume it offers some form of security feelings) so having something that won't stick to them is super duper important. It's not like you can take the feral cat, pick it up and start rubbing the clay off its belly (and incision) to keep clean.

It is my favourite cat litter. The company is launching their brand new website on August 19th, and they are offering $4.00 off to anyone who places an order through this special link beginning August 19th and ending August 29th. If you're interested in taking advantage of the $4.00 discount, CLICK HERE.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Winter Shelters for Feral Cats

Sometimes to make a difference, all it takes is a rubbermaid container and a bit of straw.

Feral cats are everywhere. This is simply a fact of life and will be for years to come. What many people don't realize is that feral cats control other factors to our life that we don't always think about (like the pest population). They often benefit our lives without us even realizing it so why don't we offer a little support and help to them?

The PACT Humane Society has posted some great ideas for feral cat winter shelter ideas. How neat are they?

Alley Cat Allies also have a few different ideas listed for building shelters for ferals and strays. Check out their page here to see some ideas and building instructions.

I went and checked these ideas out and they look to be some great ways to help stray and feral cats in the area. These ideas are low cost with great returns. Go take a peek!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Featured Clinic - People For Animals

Today's Featured Low Cost Spay / Neuter Clinic is People for Animals in Hillside, NJ which was recommended by Laura. Here's a brief overview:

Payment is due at the time of exams. Fees include spay/neuter, rabies vaccinations

Female under 41 pounds:
Female 41 to 60 pounds:
Female 61 to 80 pounds:
Female Over 80 pounds:

Pregnant/in Heat:
Add $10

Male under 41 pounds:
Male 41 to 65 pounds:
Male 66 to 80 pounds:
Male Over 80 pounds:



ADDITIONAL SERVICES (performed only at time of surgery):
Nail Clipping - Cats: $5, Dogs: $10
Cat Heartworm/FELV/FIV test - $25
Dog Heartworm/Lyme Test - $25
Microchip (includes registration) - $35
Wisdom Panel Mix Breed Genetic Testing - Dogs: $100

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