Thursday, August 20, 2009

World's Best Cat Litter coupon

This is actually a partial crosspost as I originally was informed about this on the cat / dog log. World's Best Cat Litter is offering a promo right now because they just changed packaging on their litter.

I often have intact (SMELLY) cats recovering from neuter/spay surgeries and I love using this litter because it reduces the smell better than any other litter available. It's made from whole kernel corn that traps the ammonia odour well.

Also, the corn doesn't stick to the cats as badly as clay does. The ferals really love to curl up in their litter box (I would assume it offers some form of security feelings) so having something that won't stick to them is super duper important. It's not like you can take the feral cat, pick it up and start rubbing the clay off its belly (and incision) to keep clean.

It is my favourite cat litter. The company is launching their brand new website on August 19th, and they are offering $4.00 off to anyone who places an order through this special link beginning August 19th and ending August 29th. If you're interested in taking advantage of the $4.00 discount, CLICK HERE.

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wildcatsthree said...

I highly recommend this litter to everyone with cats. As a multi-cat household myself, it is my number 1 favorite all natural litter for odor control, clumping and cleanliness. Feline Pine is another good one, but World's Best really lives up to it's name. Glad you can get some use out of the discount coupon - I know I will too.

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