Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Featured Clinic - People For Animals

Today's Featured Low Cost Spay / Neuter Clinic is People for Animals in Hillside, NJ which was recommended by Laura. Here's a brief overview:

Payment is due at the time of exams. Fees include spay/neuter, rabies vaccinations

Female under 41 pounds:
Female 41 to 60 pounds:
Female 61 to 80 pounds:
Female Over 80 pounds:

Pregnant/in Heat:
Add $10

Male under 41 pounds:
Male 41 to 65 pounds:
Male 66 to 80 pounds:
Male Over 80 pounds:



ADDITIONAL SERVICES (performed only at time of surgery):
Nail Clipping - Cats: $5, Dogs: $10
Cat Heartworm/FELV/FIV test - $25
Dog Heartworm/Lyme Test - $25
Microchip (includes registration) - $35
Wisdom Panel Mix Breed Genetic Testing - Dogs: $100


sadermaxx said...

Boy, at this prices, I hope more people do the responsible thing and get their animals done.

sandy said...

Thanks so much for visiting, hope to see you often.

This is something I wish more people would pay attention to. There are too many cats and dogs running loose reproducing. They tend not to be cared for, sometimes cause problems in neighborhoods which brings the neighbors do awful things like poising them. I understand frustration with destruction of property, loss of sleep etc, due to noise from unattended animals; but the problem could be solved if more folks would be responsible and fix their animals.


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