Saturday, June 13, 2009

CL Rant - Howling Siamese

Here is a case of someone who is at their wits end. I bet you that if this issue isn't resolved in the next week, you will see a posting for a free 15 month old siamese cat.

So this cat howls at 3am. Every night. The owner gets up, feeds him, plays with him and pets him at 3am to quiet him down ... Then he/she takes the cat to bed so he will stay quiet for the rest of the night.
Then she can't figure out why he's doing this ... *headdesk headdesk*
Perhaps because he's spoiled and doesn't know any better? Perhaps because you're rewarding him when you get up at 3am with him? I wonder if he's neutered? Doesn't say. Maybe he's randy.
Anyone want to take a stab at it?


Anonymous said...

my daughter's cat started doing this-she, however was 16 years old-turned out it was her arthritis. after recieving treatment it stopped, until another treatment was needed. always check for health problems first.

OldMorgans said...

Cats are nocturnal. They do stuff like this.
However, checking on health is always a good first step. Then play with the cat a lot in the evening. Give him physical and mental exercise. It may help him sleep through the night. Try changing the feeding schedule.
Then go buy good earplugs and ignore him.

veronica said...

Heck, if someone played with me and fed me at 3am, then took me to bed for a nice cuddle, I'd keep waking up for more too. First step is a visit to the vet to make sure no problems. I assume he's neutered? If there's no health reasons for this, then take away the reward for the behavior.If there's nothing in it for him, he'll stop but be prepared for an extinction burst - a worsening of the behavior before it disappears. Agree with the earphones suggestion, or put him to bed in a room well away from the bedroom. Be a shame to give up the cat.

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