Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rant - Cat Carriers

Do you know how many cats are lost because their owners didn't bother with a cat carrier?? Every week we get multiple phone calls from people who were transporting their cat to the vet (or groomer). Unfortunately these asshats thought it would be a good idea to carry their cat on their lap. Lo and behold! The cat jumped out when they opened the door! Are you surprised??

Good grief people! Just go get a cat carrier. It would save you so much heartache.


T said...

Those are the same people that have the "it would never happen to me" attitude. UGH, so preventable, and common sense.

OldMorgans said...

But carriers cost money.

Back in the day, in the latter 1960's, we would take our cat to the vet without carriers. I don't know if there even were carriers back then. It was risky business but we managed it without loosing the cat.

I now have 3 cats & 3 carriers. Would never even dream of not containing my cats in the car.

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