Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Featured Rescue Followups and November Cats

Hello everyone! Thought I'd let you know that out of the cats I listed on my blog in the month of October, the following have been adopted:

Pandora (kitten)
Magic (declawed adult)
Miles (kitten)

Congratulations to those cats! The following cats are still looking for new homes.

Featured Rescue - Deuce ("young")
Featured Rescue - Maude (adolescent)
Featured Rescue - Gypsy (adult)
Featured Rescue - Mickey (kitten)
Featured Rescue - Rosie (adolescent)
Featured Rescue - Halo (adult approaching senior)
Featured Rescue - Gus (adult)
Featured Rescue - Hex (kitten)
Featured Rescue - Raine (adolescent)

Remember, SPAY AND NEUTER your cats! There are so many out there looking for homes ... many are euthanized every day. I know one shelter in my area that euthanizes 20+ animals per day (cats or dogs). It is an SPCA. There are just too many out there. The numbers are STAGGERING. Sometimes the rescues and shelters have to make that decision for those animals that are more difficult to adopt.

1 comment:

Fisher said...

It is so sad to see so many animals without homes. Thant you for all you do for us.
Your friend,

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