Friday, October 9, 2009

Featured Rescue - Gus

People just shouldn't post things like this in the Adoption Listings!! There are some things you should post, and others you should avoid ...

Tell me, does the following writeup make you want to go out and adopt this guy?

Gus is 4 year old, neutered, totally declawed and microchipped male cat. He is current on all shots and tested negative for FIV/leukemia. We got him as a tiny kitten found on the side of the road. He currently lives in a household with 2 female cats and 2 dogs. He has been having a problem with peeing outside of the litter box - possibly because he is not getting along with the females or because of a neighborhood cat he sees outdoors. I have had him to the vet to be checked for medical problems and he has a clean bill of health in the urinary tract department. I have tried everything to address this problem: Feliway, kitty Prozac, cat attract litter. Gus is a sweet cat (black long hair), with a quirky personality. He has a loud purr and likes attention and brushing. He gets along well with dogs. I am hoping that this negative behavior will stop if he is in a different environment.

If you are interested in taking this guy on, he is located in Rome, OH.

They are quite probably right - a change in environment would resolve his issues ... but why wouldn't they try things like crating him at home? This would also begin to address the issues to see if there is an inappropriate substrate preference or if there are other causes. I have known cats to use a litter box only if you put plastic bags under the litter (or carpet samples, or rocks, etc).

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OldMorgans said...

Easier to get rid of the cat then to try different things. Not everyone is as nuts (whoops, did I say nuts? I meant dedicated) as some of us. At least they are not misleading a prospective adopter by not mentioning the problem. But it is doubtful they will get anyone to take him.

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