Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why DrowningInCats?


I write a blog daily about dogs called DogsDeserveFreedom. In this blog, I cover the trials and tribulations of dogs and the asshats who own them. Sometimes I blog about breeding, sometimes about training. Mostly I just blog!

I wander through CraigsList a lot and I volunteer for my local Humane Society. During these wanderings and parusals, I have a lot to say ... but few people to listen.

One of the many jobs I do as a volunteer is I run the Trap/Neuter/Release program. It is a program that I worked with, planned and developed for my local area which is inundated with stray and feral cats. I knew we couldn't rehome all of them, but we can at least sterilize and vaccinate them to prevent the populations from growing too much out of control. I am not able to foster cats as my husband has allergies and my own cat is anti-social (he was a semi-feral when he came in), but I do what I can.

I believe this world is Drowning In Cats and I have toyed with the idea of starting a cat related blog for a while now. This is the time to start; it's as good a time as any. This blog will be about anything cat related that I find and need to rant about or just want to blog about. I will likely include some interesting experiences during my TNR and some stories about ferals as I get to them.

Maybe if we all took one cat in to be Spayed/Neutered, we wouldn't be Drowning In Cats ... perhaps we'd only be Wading in them??

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GoLightly said...

Yes, it surely is drowning in them. Poor critters..

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