Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Asshat Rant - Dumping

I was at a local farm this weekend and was discussing their recent acquisition of a barn cat. She's a small, bony rug-rat who absolutely loves people and will sit on your shoulder if you let her. They got this cat because one of their neighbours has a barn full of cats and one day a terrible thing happened. You know how we always say "worst case scenario"? Well, this is what that poor guy got ... the worst case.

Here's how it all went down:

Said farmer has many barn cats. They make kittens yearly (don't get me started). This is normal in most barns. Many farmers will vaccinate the cats they can catch, neuter some of the male cats and send many kittens on their way. They feed them and their children pet them and play with them. Most of these cats become quite friendly little guys. In return, most of the cats help to keep the mouse, rat and fisher population down (see picture to right to see what a fisher is).

One day the farmer went outside and saw all these crates at the end of his driveway. He goes over and finds all these purebred cats! There were 97 cats in all those crates. There were hairless cats, there were cornish rex cats, there were persian cats, there were siamese cats, there were himalayan cats. What the heck is the poor farmer to do?

The only thing he can think of. He takes the crates and moves them to a sheltered location, then puts an ad in the local Buy and Sell to sell all these cats. He was successful selling most of the specialty breeds; the hairless, cornish rex, himalayan and siamese went quickly. He was not able to sell most of the persians. Now he's stuck with all these persians and no one wants them. Have you ever tried to have persians in a barn? It's not a pretty sight.

So, now he's feeding all these cats. The final count after selling many of the dumped cats (plus sending much of the barn kittens to other barns) is 74. That includes all the barn cats that are staying at their place plus the "new" cats that he can't seem to find homes for. I don't know about you, but feeding 74 cats gets to be quite expensive!

To my knowledge, this is a true story. I have many things to say to the person who dumped all those cats. Most of them I'm not allowed to post to this blog if I want to keep it from being put in the "Adults Only" section of most blogs. I will only say this. Asshat.

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