Monday, March 30, 2009

Asshat Rant - Drowning Ferals

I find it deplorable that some of my neighbours drown cats. Yes, we have a major problem with stray and feral cats in our area, but that doesn't mean that you have to take matters into your own hands by drowning them!

Some of them trap the cats, then either leave them in the traps or put them in bags. Then they submerge the traps or bags into buckets or ponds. When they are sure the cat is dead, they pull it up, dump the body and reset the live animal trap.

It disgusts and infuriates me. We have a problem with cats, yes. That doesn't mean the best resolution is to drown them. Did you know it is considered Animal Cruelty and illegal? Pffft ... not like my neighbours give a darn about that!

Did you know, barn cats eat your mice? I have heard all sorts of excuses from farmers and I would like to say for the record ... No, the cats don't eat your chickens. No, the cats don't eat your eggs. No, the cats didn't cause your tractor to stop working. Those are the mice, rats, 'coons and fishers! Did you know that most barn cats will actually eat the mice, rats and fishers in the area?

Now, the raccoons ... that's another story. The cats won't deal with them - you'll have to figure that one out yourselves (legally and humanely).


Anlina S. said...

That's horrible. :( I've never understood how someone could inflict a cruel death on an animal, especially when there are so many more humane methods of dealing with them.

I guess a lot of people just have a lack of empathy and compassion and their own convenience is of primary importance. I get the feeling that these kinds of people are lacking some fundamental part of their humanity.

Can you report them to the humane society or police?


DogsDeserveFreedom said...

I have reported them as an anonymous informant and this is the problem:

If the authorities or animal cruelty officers can't find a cat body, what can they do? Most of the time, the bodies just 'disappear'.

I have to be careful not to make a neighbour very angry as this would be potentially dangerous to the safety of our own animals.

Bird Advocate said...

"I have to be careful not to make a neighbour very angry as this would be potentially dangerous to the safety of our own animals."

My neighbor's animals have murdered the two pairs of native birds that nested in my yard for years. His animals? TNR cats!

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Bird Advocate - what a great point! It doesn't have to be TNR cats though - I know many pet cats that do quite well hunting. Problem is that they hunt and get all the birds.

Perhaps I will blog about the songbird plight ... you've given me something to think about! Thanks.

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