Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Barn Cat Has Arrived

Well everyone, I went through with it. I finally got the new barn cat that was supposed to have arrived over a month ago! She was supposed to be a semi-feral Maine Coon ... remember the guy sent me a picture and then turned around and said he sent it to the wrong person? (See this post)

I finally found out that the guy is actually some good sam. who traps cats in one colony out of Toronto. He sometimes works with Toronto Cat Rescue.

So yesterday, he brought the cat to my workplace to drop her off. I met him outside and was surprised (but not really) when I saw that the "Maine Coon" he had promised turned out to be a petite DSH tortoiseshell. Here is a picture of her that I took last night ...

She's not the cutest cat, but it won't really matter since she's going to be a barn cat. We have to introduce her to our barn slowly so that means she will spend the next two weeks in a crate out there, then another two weeks locked in a room out there before we can let her go to *hopefully* catch mice.

I didn't spend much time with her yesterday. I wanted to let her settle in, so all I did was set up the crate, put her in it and take this picture. After a few days I will see if I can pat her. The guy said that she's been living in a house for the last two months because she gave birth to kittens two days after he trapped her.

I'm amazed at the things this guy provided! He gave us the cat carrier she was in, the towels that were in/on the crate, a 9 kg bag of cat food and a 22 kg box of cat litter! I wonder why he would give us this much ... especially since he charged no fee - she was free. He paid for her vet visit for spay, vaccinations and Revolution.

Maybe there are some good Samaritans left out there?

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Sparkle said...

It sounds like this girl was rescued by the right guy before coming to you. Although she certainly looks none too pleased!

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