Thursday, January 7, 2010

Foster Updates ... Feral Kitten January 2010

As promised, I am posting some pics of the feral kitten we have. We took the kitten because the lady who was feeding it couldn't do so anymore. Kittens come around much more quickly than adult cats do. We have had the kitten since December 23, 2009.

The first three days were pretty bad ... the kitten would throw itself against the crate's walls towards us ... then there was the growling and the hissing ... After the first week, we were able to touch it without the hysterics. After 10 days, we were able to pat the kitten and it PURRS. Last week there was still the growling and hissing when we walked into view but when patted, the kitten would stop growling and after a few minutes would start to purr. We could pick it up, but the purring would stop.

Starting yesterday, the growling when I walk into view does not happen. The kitten actually seems happy to see us and will get up and walk along the crate wall until we open the door. I have not taken the kitten in yet for treatment at the clinic and I have not checked to see if it is male or female.


WillOaks Studio said...

What a great thing you're doing, to give the kitten a second chance! And hopefully, it sounds like he/she is starting to come around to the idea of "human pals" of luck!

Marg said...

Oh that all sounds so familiar. Getting feral kitties into a cage or the house. They are just so scared but they can be tamed somewhat. Some cats more than others. I have some that I can hold and some I can just barely pat. But that is great that you took the kitten.

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