Saturday, June 13, 2009

CL Rant - Howling Siamese

Here is a case of someone who is at their wits end. I bet you that if this issue isn't resolved in the next week, you will see a posting for a free 15 month old siamese cat.

So this cat howls at 3am. Every night. The owner gets up, feeds him, plays with him and pets him at 3am to quiet him down ... Then he/she takes the cat to bed so he will stay quiet for the rest of the night.
Then she can't figure out why he's doing this ... *headdesk headdesk*
Perhaps because he's spoiled and doesn't know any better? Perhaps because you're rewarding him when you get up at 3am with him? I wonder if he's neutered? Doesn't say. Maybe he's randy.
Anyone want to take a stab at it?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Featured Clinic - Alaska SPCA

Today's Friday Featured Clinic comes all the way from Alaska!

Alaska SPCA Spay/Neuter Clinic
549 West International Airport Road
#B-2Anchorage, AK 99518

Phone = 907-562-2999

Open six days a week, but call for information first. Also has a mobile spay/neuter clinic visiting other Alaskan communities.

Surgery fees:
Male Cat Neuter - $40Male Dog Neuter - $65
Male Rabbit Neuter - $65
Female Cat Spay - $65Female Dog Spay - $80

Vaccination fees:
Distemper - $10 (feline)
Rabies - $15
Leukemia - $12
Bordetella (injection) - $12
Distemper/Parvo combination - $16

Other Services:
Cat AVID Microchip* - $20
Dog AVID Microchip* - $30
Feline Leukemia Test - $20
Cat Nail Trim - Free
Dog Nail Trim - $10 ($5 with vaccinations)Health Certificate - $40 ($10 each add'l)
Municipal Dog License available


Do you have a low cost Spay/Neuter clinic in your area you would like me to promote? Let me know!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rant - Cat Carriers

Do you know how many cats are lost because their owners didn't bother with a cat carrier?? Every week we get multiple phone calls from people who were transporting their cat to the vet (or groomer). Unfortunately these asshats thought it would be a good idea to carry their cat on their lap. Lo and behold! The cat jumped out when they opened the door! Are you surprised??

Good grief people! Just go get a cat carrier. It would save you so much heartache.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Featured Clinic - Worcester Animal Rescue League

The Worcester Animal Rescue League in Worcester, Massachusetts ( does low-cost spay/neuter days several Mondays a month, vaccines and blood tests also available. Following is an exerpt from their website:

WARL is now hosting low cost spay neuter clinics for your cats and dogs. Several Mondays each month, the shelter opens up it's surgery suite for you to bring your pet in to be spayed or neutered. We can also provide blood testing and vaccines the same day. Spaces are limited so call early and make your appointment fast! Learn about the benefits of spaying/neutering your pet.

Fees are as follows:
Male cat $45.00
Female cat $60.00
Mmale dog $90.00
Female dog $150.00
Vaccines and blood tests are additional. Please call for more details 508 853 0030


Thanks go out to Leslie, a reader who sent this information to me about WARL. Following is her experience with WARL:

"We had two of our cats neutered there (the cats do have a regular vet as well, but we were slightly short of cash at the time). These were the cats of our not-so-good tenants, who did not pay rent for a considerable time; we were out of pocket from that and from cleaning up the apartment, as well as taking in their astoundingly sweet unneutered kitties.

Yes, they had an intact tom and brought an unspayed female kitten into the same household when they didn't have the money to get the tom neutered or vaccinated, even after I gave them information about low-cost vet care. (I'm not bitter; the cats are darlings)"

The surgery was done "with good results - the only problem, a minor one, was that they did an interesting job shaving the girl-kitten, in that she had bare belly a good third of the way up one side and nearly halfway up the other. Being a longhaired kitten, she looked kind of silly."

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