Saturday, May 2, 2009

TNR #4 Pictures

So here are some pictures of our TNR #4 who turned into a Trap, stay at our house and have babies, care for babies until they are old enough to go to new homes, Neuter and Release into the care of someone who wants to keep Peaches in their home.

Funny how plans change as you go along, eh? Oh, and by the way ... a momma cat feeding kittens eats a LOT of food and drinks a LOT of water! She's going through almost a pound of kitten food
every day plus two dog bowls of water.

1 comment:

OldMorgans said...

IT is a very good thing that you are so far away, otherwise I would have to take a kitten or two and then my cats would hate me.
Enjoy them while you have them.

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