Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Featured Clinic - Project CatSnip

Low cost clinics like this are good for those who don't have the money for a conventional vet or for rescue groups who do high volume. Remember that for the average pet owner, going to the regular veterinarian is the best route. This is because many of the low cost clinics don't have time to take extra special care for your pet, many don't even do vaccinations. My vet always takes a quick peek around, checks to see if there were cists on ovaries and always does a complete checkup on the animals. This can sometimes give you a good understanding if there will be potential problems in the future.
That being said, here's your Friday Featured Clinic:

Ok, so I read the name of this and couldn't help but laugh! Project CatSnip ... that's awesome!

Cat Neuter
Cat Spay

This is a service provided in Atlanta, GA. For those of you who are in the Atlanta area, check it out! Perhaps you will consider neutering one of your own cats? Or if they are already done, why not donate the cost of neutering a local stray or feral cat!?

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