Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rant - Cat Grooming

You know, there are all sorts of people out there and some are asshats. There is a groomer in my area who is one.

Most groomers I have met are great people and animal lovers. They do the job because of their love for animals - not because they want to "make-a-lotta-money". However, there are some who push animals through as fast as possible, and these are the ones to beware of.

The one I am thinking of will take your cat and make all pretenses to be nice to the animal. When you leave, however, her demeanor changes. She doesn't make enough time to work with the animal, so she will put the cat into a crate and dunk it into a soapy water bath. She then opens the crate and rubs the cat quickly to work in some of the soap, then closes it again and dunks it into a plain water bath to rinse off.

The cat is in and out of the crate throughout the appointment for drying and containment. She does brush the cat out ... but that is about it. The entire process takes around 1 hour.

Do you really want your cat to go through this?

Please, when you are looking for a groomer, do your research! Get some references. Do other people send their cats to that person? How do the cats react when they are brought in for grooming?

Use your common sense to choose and don't assume that just because the person is operating a business, they should be trusted with your beloved pet.


Anlina S. said...

That's horrible D: Aren't there any regulations on how groomers handle animals? Tossing a cat in a crate and dunking it in water sounds like cruelty to me. Certainly not ethical or appropriate.


OldMorgans said...

Knew someone once who loved animals and was a groomer. But she would get short tempered if the dog was not perfect on the table. If the dog could not stand still, she got pretty rough. She always worked for a grooming shop and never lasted longer then a few months before they fired her. Finally she went into business for herself because whenever she worked for others, "they were always out to get her because she was so much better then the other groomers." Oh well, some folks have a different view of reality.
I would say the groomer discussed in this post is scared of the cats.

T said...

Excellent post, and great blog! I added this one also to my followers.

Have you seen the cat washing machine? I will have to find the link, but I am sure if you google it you will find it. Absolutely Absurd!

DogsDeserveFreedom said...

Anlina - you'd be surprised how many groomers are out there without certifications. Did I mention that we have only one in our area with grooming papers? There are at least eight in the area that I can think of off the top of my head ... and only one with any certifications ... so sad. I'd certainly call it cruelty ... but without proof, the authorities can't do much.

OldMorgans - yes, unfortunately there are many like that out there grooming. I have met a few. I know that I wouldn't have either the patience for it, or the perfectionism needed to do a perfect groom.

T - I will take a peek out for the cat washing machine. I haven't heard of it, but it wouldn't surprise me!

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