Thursday, December 24, 2009

Video - Cat Does Dog Tricks

Whoever said cats aren't trainable has simply never spent the time with their cat to teach it. Cats can learn many of the same tricks as dogs can, however they require more time, patience and treats than dogs! I've met a few clicker-trained cats and it always amazes me. I hate to admit it but the best I've been able to do with my cat is get him to come when he's called (75% of the time).

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Winter Cats - Shelter

It's getting colder out there -- I'm sure you've all noticed. While you are tucked in all cozy in your nice warm homes this week, take some time and think about the stray and feral cats living outside.

While not everyone can afford to feed the outdoor cats, I encourage you to offer shelter to these felines this winter. Your furry feline friends are able to still catch birds (chickadees and other winter birds), raid garbage cans, etc. but if no shelter is available, they run the risk of freezing to death.

IndyFeral has this to say about Outdoor Cat Shelters:

"Unless you operate a managed colony, don't underestimate the number of cats in your may only see one or two, but there are probably more. Try to provide more shelter space than you imagine needing."

"Bedding material typically consists of straw, or wood chips & similar materials. Cedar bedding materials may be added in small amounts to provide flea resistance. Alternately, we recommend a sprinkling of a high quality, veterinarian recommended, cat-safe flea powder in the bedding. Do NOT use blankets, towels, etc. inside the shelter! The inside will be exposed to moisture from outdoors and the cats themselves and fabric tend to mold and mildew. "

Later this week I will write about feeding your outdoor cats, food choices and best practices.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Featured Rescue - Sasha

Sasha is an older gal; though her ad doesn't say her age. She is in Tonawanda, NY at the Erie County SPCA.

For a senior cat at a shelter, being adopted is like winning the lottery. It is rare. Many don't make it out in a carrier ...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Featured Rescue Followups November

Hello everyone! Thought I'd let you know that out of the cats I listed on my blog in the month of November (and in previous months), the following have been adopted:

Featured Rescue - Albert and Onyx both have found homes! (adult)
Featured Rescue - Zombie (senior)
Featured Rescue - Gypsy (adult)
Featured Rescue - Halo (adult)
Featured Rescue - Squeakers (adult)

Congratulations to those cats!

Remember, SPAY AND NEUTER your cats! There are so many out there looking for homes ... many are euthanized every day. I know one shelter in my area that euthanizes 20+ animals per day (cats or dogs). It is an SPCA. There are just too many out there. The numbers are STAGGERING. Sometimes the rescues and shelters have to make that decision for those animals that are more difficult to adopt. When a listing has been removed I always hope that the animal has been adopted and not euthanized.

Monday, December 14, 2009

News Reel - Condo Pet: Born in barn, cat goes uptown

I love this story. It's a nice story for the holiday season ... makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. Please take a few minutes to read it.

Brandy was born in a barn and still loves to play with mice. The fluffy charcoal grey cat likes to line them up in the foyer of the condo while she waits for her owner, Frances Greenwood, to return from her job as an associate investment adviser at Blackmont Capital Inc.

Luckily, the row of rodents only look real (to an imaginative kitty). It's all part of a daily ritual, it seems, for Brandy who has a distinctive, fun-loving personality and likes to wait in the kitchen, lolling on her back and purring, after Greenwood goes into the kitchen to say hello.

"She is an imp,'' says Greenwood, who loves her company and the distraction Brandy provides, especially since her husband passed away in May, 2004.

"Brandy is extremely affectionate and has filled my life with laughter, especially when I thought there was nothing that would ever make me laugh again,'' says Greenwood. "She is such a lady and very, very meticulous and particular ... much like her owner.''

Six-year-old Brandy has plenty of room to exercise in the spacious midtown condo, which has two bedrooms and two sunrooms. Although she is alone during the day, she doesn't appear to get lonely. That may be because she "thinks that her reflection in the mirrored bedroom closet doors is a friend and spends long stretches of time purring at the image,'' says Greenwood. "She also adores any of my shoes.''

When her owner is at home, Brandy expects attention and sometimes gets "very jealous when I talk on the phone and has, on many occasions, pulled the receiver from my hand. So a cellphone comes in handy.''

When Brandy was young, Greenwood would put her on top of the entertainment unit so she could look at her face and say "give me a kiss."

"So now when she wants something she will either jump on the kitchen counter or onto the bed and give me a kiss,'' she says.

A work friend had told Greenwood about a farm cat's kittens who were about six weeks old and available for adoption. When Greenwood said she was interested, her friend's son picked up Brandy and delivered her.

"The reason I adopted her was that at the time my husband was very ill and his Siamese cat, Bambi, was ill as well and I wanted to make sure that when he was at home, he would always have the company of a pet and he loved cats,'' Greenwood said. Bambi died a year after her husband.

"Thank goodness I had my sweet Brandy,'' she says, for comfort and company.

When they are alone in the condo, the petite seven-pound cat who loves hummus, smoked salmon cream cheese and "any French cheese'' purrs constantly.

At bedtime, Brandy has another ritual. She collects her favourite toy mouse – Greenwood calls him Irving – "and brings him to bed every night.'

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Entrecard Top Droppers

The following are Entrecard's top droppers for the last 31 days. Thank you to everyone who stopped by, but unfortunately I can't publish each and every link. Therefore, here are the most frequent passers by from Entrecard:

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Featured Rescue - Squeakers

Squeakers is a senior gal located at the Erie County SPCA in NY. She is a little shy at first but if you give her some space and let her get settled, she is an affectionate cat.

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